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Vanilla City Build

Our City Build server

Our 7 Days to Die game server offers a captivating and immersive gaming experience for players seeking a thrilling survival journey. With the addition of custom late-game content, unique enemies, and an engaging player settlement that we build together, this server enhances the way you play the game. To further enrich your experience, we also feature a custom intro quest, ensuring a one-of-a-kind adventure in the world of 7 Days to Die.

Server Config

We've carefully adjusted our server configuration to provide a balanced and enjoyable experience for everyone, while maintaining a high level of difficulty.

  • Our map is divided into two distinct parts:
    • North: Mainly forests and deserts, designated as a PvE area with no player damage or raiding (However, don't get too comfortable – purge night is coming and will be implemented eventually)
    • South: Primarily snow and wasteland, designated as a PvP area with full player damage and raiding allowed
  • Players start with one claim block and can place more as they level up
  • Our highly customized map features a new biome and hundreds of unique locations to explore, catering to your sense of adventure and desire to conquer challenging POIs
  • We offer a custom starter quest line that replaces the default starting quest, introducing you to our NPCs and handmade POIs
  • Our radioactive wasteland is located within the PvP area, and is home to some formidable custom zombies
  • To obtain T5 quests, players must venture into the dangerous wasteland or snow biomes
  • We host events featuring new vehicles and tools as rewards, allowing players to show off their hard-earned items
  • Our server includes several new items that are more powerful than their vanilla counterparts but require rare components to craft
  • We've added over 500 custom zombies to keep the gameplay fresh and challenging, with the toughest adversaries waiting in the wasteland for those seeking a thrilling experience

Player Settlement aka Super Smack City

Another unique aspect of our server is the player settlement. Our goal is to build a player-driven city together in the post-apocalyptic world. Players are free to join the efforts to build a city and contribute their skills, resources, and ideas. However, players can also leave the settlement at any time to explore or even live in the danger outside of the settlement. We believe that this feature adds a new dimension to the gameplay experience and encourages players to work together towards a common goal.

  • Our player settlement is a safe haven where all players spawn in a central location, free from zombies and other dangers.
  • At the center of the settlement lies our custom server shop, Mercado. This unique market offers rare blocks and items that are not craftable by players themselves.
  • Mercado operates using a secondary currency, "Zombie Parts," which can be found in loot drops or during rare moments in the game.
  • Our settlement is filled with plot areas that can be claimed by every player using a Land Claim Block, ensuring players can build their new homes without fear of theft or destruction.
  • We love to showcase great builds by players on our server. With every new wipe, we'll select and copy the best builds into the world of the new wipe, so you can keep your creative and impressive constructions for posterity.

Our Server Mods Explained

This is a brief overview of what our mods do on the server.

Remember that most of the new blocks can be found in our mod museum located in the city center. All our mods are server-side, so you don't need to download anything. There is an optional client-side mod that we recommend, but it's not required.

Server & Bug Fixes

  • Several anti-cheat fixes enabled, eliminating duping, explosion glitching, and view distance abuse
  • Fixes to ensure wires, batteries, and other items don't disappear unexpectedly
  • Vehicle sounds remain active while driving


  • Low chance of zombies spawning corpses that act as gore blocks
  • Slightly increased chance for loot bags to spawn, with longer despawn times
  • Hundreds of new zombies, including the fearsome Zulk and other bosses

Base Building

  • Number of claim blocks you can place depends on your game stage: [1=0][10=1][25=2][50=4][100=8][200=16]
  • New doors, garage doors, and electricity items
  • Functional seats, improved lights, and decorative blocks
  • Working ovens, grills, and fountains
  • Additional defensive weapons
  • Custom glass with the strength of bulletproof glass and the appearance of normal glass
  • Trader chimney smoke available for purchase and placement
  • In-base music options


  • Forge, Workbench, and other stations have more input/output slots, reducing clutter
  • Numerous new recipes and schematics to discover

New and Changed Items

  • New late-game items, such as combined glasses
  • Improved night vision goggles
  • Super Auger and more
  • New simple food recipes for beginners
  • Expanded dye options


  • Some vehicles are faster and have new variations, like a 3-seater gyrocopter

Flora & Fauna

  • Increased bird nest drops for less grinding
  • Domesticatable chickens
  • Trees have a small chance to drop honey and feathers, like in older versions
  • Most plants can be found growing in the wild
  • Trees regrow if the trunk/sapling isn't destroyed, with a small chance to drop seeds (to prevent tree farm spam and maintain beautiful forests)
  • Return of the golden-leafed birch tree


  • Crosshairs removed while aiming
  • Silencers now effectively silence shots


  • Supply drops contain more useful items
  • Extra slot in crafting queue
  • 2 skill points awarded per level up
  • Wasteland is now radiated -- be cautious!
  • Salvaging rebalanced
  • Player corpses appear when killed
  • Traders open and close from dawn to dusk

HUD & Graphics

  • Improved ESC menu showing day & time, map, Discord links, rules, and more
  • Extra page for tracking schematics
  • Wasteland view distance similar to other biomes
  • Various small HUD adjustments

Live Map

Server Rules

All game specific rules apply to this server as well.

Gameplay Rules:

Rules related directly with the game mechanics and server performance:

  • You can claim existing POIs for your base, up to T3 only.
  • Build only in areas where you can place a LCB (Land Claim Block).
  • Be aware that reset regions may be respawned at any time without notice, so build wisely.
  • Don't block roads with your buildings.
  • Don't build in or touching water.
  • Avoid building structures that are floating or unsupported.
  • Don't cause trouble for others by placing random LCBs.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your doors, storage containers, and crafting stations locked and protected.
  • Limit yourself to 2 crafting stations (of each type) and 4 extractors (of each type) per base. If you're playing as a team, additional ones must be at least 50 blocks apart.
  • Your structures and assets may be destroyed or claimed by others if you don't log in for 15 days.
  • Limit yourself to planting no more than 10 stacked trees close to your base.
  • Limit yourself to using 25 stacked farm plots. You can use more if spaced apart.
  • Limit yourself to placing no more than 50 lights per base.
  • Use vehicles at your own risk, as they may have bugs or glitches.
  • Avoid anything that may badly affect server performance, such as drop mining or screamer spawning/farming.
  • Don't destroy buildings or structures for no reason.

PvE Rules:

Rules applied only in PvE Zones:

  • Don't work around the PvE protection. This means no player killing, and no placing traps or turrets with harmful intent.
  • Don't damage or take things from other players' bases.
  • Progress in community zones will be monitored. If there is no visible progress made after a week, the plot may be taken back.

PvP Rules:

Rules applied only in PvP Zones:

  • Don't complain if you get attacked or killed. In PvP zones, players may attack you at any time, so be ready for action.
  • Building is allowed in PvP areas, but be aware that your base may be raided by others.
  • When raiding a base, only damage what is necessary to get inside. Avoid excessive or random destruction.
  • Don't camp other players' bags or bases for extended periods of time.
  • Teams can have a maximum of 6 players to ensure a fair PvP experience for everyone.
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