Our Community Philosophy

At SuperSmack.City, our goal is to create fun and engaging gaming experiences that make us different from other servers. Since we started in December 2021, we've been working to build a friendly community of players who enjoy playing together on our servers.

We create unique experiences for each game we host, with interesting features, settings, and mods. Our team even creates custom mods for our games, offering special features that set us apart. For example, our player settlement mod for 7 Days To Die is inspired by the mod that manages Minecraft city build servers. Another example is the Turbo GunGame mod on our Counter-Strike server, which runs on classic maps that bring back good memories.

Our small core team is dedicated to connecting with our community and giving support through our designated support channel on Discord. We know it's important to be easy to reach and friendly, and we work hard to keep open communication with our players.

We are thankful for the support of our growing community, both with money and by volunteering time and skills. Whether you can donate or offer your help, we're grateful for any assistance in keeping our servers running and our community growing.

Our main goal is to create a friendly and fun gaming environment where players can come together and share enjoyable experiences. As we continue to grow, we stay focused on our philosophy and delivering great gaming experiences.