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Our Undead Legacy Mod server

Our 7 Days to Die game server with the Undead Legacy mod is the perfect destination for those looking for a unique gaming experience. This mod offers a range of new features, including enemies, skills, items, vechiles, and more, that completely change the way you play the game.

Server Config

We've made various tweaks to our server configuration to ensure a balanced and enjoyable experience for everyone.

With multiple wipes, we've gathered feedback from our community and made changes accordingly. We've adjusted the overall difficulty to make it less frustrating but still challenging.

  • Our world is rich with loot, set at 87% to strike a perfect balance between scarcity and abundance.
  • Explore our safe PvE spawn area and forest, then brace yourself for the thrilling PvP biomes: Desert, Snow, and Wasteland. Each biome features unique natural threats like extreme heat, cold, and radiation.
  • Raiding is allowed only in the PvP area, so weigh the risks before you jump in. But don't worry, you can always retreat to your safe home closer to spawn.
  • Our server is on a two-month wipe schedule, so keep an eye on the in-game server description or our Discord for the next reset date.
  • We've fine-tuned the zombie attack range to help players with poor connection or from remote places to get fewer ghost attacks.


Aside from the Undead Legacy mod, we also run other community and custom-made mods to enhance the overall gaming experience. Some of these mods add new items and features, improve the performance, and make the game more immersive.

Our custom mods:

  • Our custom PvPvE mod, which includes a raid protection system.
  • Stay on top of events with our Discord mod, which announces the start of new days and horde nights.
  • Protect your vehicles and help to maintain server performance with our Virtual Garage mod.
  • Our Player Mailbox lets you send items to other players in a safe and secure way.
  • Explore new quests with our custom quest mod, which expands on the game's existing quest functionality.
  • Join our player settlement efforts with the help of the City Plot Manager mod.
  • Enjoy a new look for the game with our Map mod, which replaces the "Burnt Forest" biome with a swamp biome and makes changes to other biomes.
  • Use "Super Smack Glass" to trick the physics of the game and create sturdy, bulletproof structures that look like regular glass.
  • Experience the danger of landmines like never before with our Dangerous Land Mines mod.
  • Our Weather adjustments mod brings the draw distance in the Wasteland biome in line with other biomes.

Community mods:

  • We keep cheaters at bay with the CSMM/CPM mod, and use some of their other features.
  • Enjoy bug fixes, performance improvements, and anti-cheats thanks to the work of Zipcore.
  • Add more color to your in-game life thanks to the DW420's More Dye Colors mod.
  • Install more doors, electricity items, and even working music laptops with H7SB's mods.
  • Brighten up your base with more lights thanks to PhD's mod.
  • Explore the dangers of the Radioactive Wasteland with gemini's mod.
  • We improve your game's and the server's performance with the XML Performance mod by Howlune.

Player Settlement aka Super Smack City

Another unique aspect of our server is the player settlement. Our goal is to build a player-driven city together in the post-apocalyptic world. Players are free to join the efforts to build a city and contribute their skills, resources, and ideas. However, players can also leave the settlement at any time to explore or even live in the danger outside of the settlement. We believe that this feature adds a new dimension to the gameplay experience and encourages players to work together towards a common goal.

  • Our player settlement is a safe haven where all players spawn in a central location, free from zombies and other dangers.
  • At the center of the settlement lies our custom server shop, Mercado. This unique market offers rare blocks and items that are not craftable by players themselves.
  • Mercado operates using a secondary currency, "Zombie Parts," which can be found in loot drops or during rare moments in the game.
  • Our settlement is filled with plot areas that can be claimed by every player using a Land Claim Block, ensuring players can build their new homes without fear of theft or destruction.
  • We love to showcase great builds by players on our server. With every new wipe, we'll select and copy the best builds into the world of the new wipe, so you can keep your creative and impressive constructions for posterity.

Optional Client Side Mod

Enhance your experience with our optional client-side mod, featuring prefab copies from our server.


  • View distant buildings and landmarks
  • Eliminate yellow connection messages
  • Preview images for quest-related prefabs


  1. Download the mod by clicking here
  2. Find your Undead Legacy folder OR go to %AppData%\7DaysToDie
  3. Open or create the Mods folder
  4. Extract SuperSmackCityOptionalClientSideMod from the zip into the Mods folder
  5. Verify file structure: [Your Game Folder]\Mods\SuperSmackCityOptionalClientSideMod\ModInfo.xml

Live Map

Server Rules

All game specific rules apply to this server as well.

Gameplay Rules:

Rules related directly with the game mechanics and server performance:

  • You can claim existing POIs for your base, up to T3 only.
  • Build only in areas where you can place a LCB (Land Claim Block).
  • Be aware that reset regions may be respawned at any time without notice, so build wisely.
  • Don't block roads with your buildings.
  • Don't build in or touching water.
  • Avoid building structures that are floating or unsupported.
  • Don't cause trouble for others by placing random LCBs.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your doors, storage containers, and crafting stations locked and protected.
  • Limit yourself to 2 crafting stations (of each type) and 4 extractors (of each type) per base. If you're playing as a team, additional ones must be at least 50 blocks apart.
  • Your structures and assets may be destroyed or claimed by others if you don't log in for 15 days.
  • Limit yourself to planting no more than 10 stacked trees close to your base.
  • Limit yourself to using 25 stacked farm plots. You can use more if spaced apart.
  • Limit yourself to placing no more than 50 lights per base.
  • Use vehicles at your own risk, as they may have bugs or glitches.
  • Avoid anything that may badly affect server performance, such as drop mining or screamer spawning/farming.
  • Don't destroy buildings or structures for no reason.

PvE Rules:

Rules applied only in PvE Zones:

  • Don't work around the PvE protection. This means no player killing, and no placing traps or turrets with harmful intent.
  • Don't damage or take things from other players' bases.
  • Progress in community zones will be monitored. If there is no visible progress made after a week, the plot may be taken back.

PvP Rules:

Rules applied only in PvP Zones:

  • Don't complain if you get attacked or killed. In PvP zones, players may attack you at any time, so be ready for action.
  • Building is allowed in PvP areas, but be aware that your base may be raided by others.
  • When raiding a base, only damage what is necessary to get inside. Avoid excessive or random destruction.
  • Don't camp other players' bags or bases for extended periods of time.
  • Teams can have a maximum of 6 players to ensure a fair PvP experience for everyone.
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